Genius welcomes new partners

The GENIUS consortium is excited to welcome three new partners to the project: HHLA Sky, SDFI and Airplate.

The goal of GENIUS is to enable drones to fly side by side with crewed aviation. This requires a safe and reliable U-space system, which can manage drones in a shared airspace.

HHLA Sky will support GENIUS by providing its UTM technology and acting as a U-space service provider, using mapping data from SDFI, and 5G-based tracking devices from AirPlate. This will enable efficient UAS operations that safely coexist with crewed aviation.

Over the next year (and until the end of the project in April 2024), HHLA Sky’s UTM technology will be integrated with SDFIs mapping services, AirPlate remote identification devices, as well as aircraft surveillance and ground control station software from SDU. Together with Ericsson, TDC, and DTU, GENIUS will explore the integration of HHLA Sky’s UTM software with 5G-enabled services such as mobile coverage and network slicing, working with MECK to aviation constraints into account.