In the GENIUS research project, our goal is to enable drones to fly side by side with manned aviation. This requires an entirely new type of air traffic management system, a so-called U-space, which can safely and reliably route drones and manned aviation in a shared airspace. To establish the U-space, we need to secure a nationwide 5G lower airspace communication network, which does not exist today.

The aim of GENIUS is to develop a novel 5G UAS network, building upon and shaping the current 5G roll-out, but optimized for 3D coverage of the lower airspace and providing the required safety and reliability for a U-space where drones can fly safely side by side with manned aviation beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) of the pilot.

GENIUS is focused on removing one of the main barriers to the widespread use of drones in Denmark and the EU: the lack of a communication infrastructure that can meet the U-space requirements. Once we overcome this obstacle, drones will provide a valuable contribution to strengthening productivity, competitiveness, and the green transition in Denmark.

GENIUS is a three-year Grand Solutions research project funded by Innovation Fund Denmark (Innovationsfonden). It started in 2021 and will conclude in Spring 2024.