Results overall

The GENIUS project has led to several innovative and promising results, showcasing how a U-space system based on a 5G network can be implemented in Denmark.

First, we succeeded in developing a reliable 5G network with 3D coverage for drones. Ericsson and TDC NET have presented real-time observability of drones, implementation of a SIM density map, and in-field verification of Ericsson’s 3GPP RTK (Real-Time Kinematics) technology, all based on TDC’s 5G.

Furthermore, we testedand validated the system in real-world scenarios. The integration of U-space services was demonstrated with drone flights over 5G, both the prototype services developed by Naviair and afterwards with the commercially available services developed by HHLA Sky, and we managed to seamlessly operate multiple drones in a U-space using GENIUS-developed technologies and concepts.

We also developed novel and specifically 5G-based drone hardware and software. The drones were put to the test in flights and demonstrated improved coverage and reliability due to 5G connectivity, as well as the enhanced software capabilities made possible by 5G connectivity to the on-board computer.

Finally, Ericsson and TDC received the prestigious “GSMA Foundry Excellence Award” at MWC Barcelona 2023. This recognition underscores their groundbreaking contributions to 5G innovation in the context of the GENIUS project.

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