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TDC NET has a long history as a digital infrastructure provider with Denmark’s Best Network during the last 6 years. TDC NET deployed the first national 5G-network end of 2020 and is currently enabling the first 5G use cases in Denmark. Through the project, TDC NET aims to explore new services related to supporting an unmanned airspace for BVLOS drones which requires examining the possibility to provide 3D coverage and a network exposure function for organisations to provide services that are dependent on real-time network insights.

Ericsson Ericsson is a world leader in communications technology and services. Through the strategic partnership with TDC NET in Denmark, Ericsson aims to support TDC NET in its ambition to create new enterprise services leveraging the capabilities of 5G. Showing the possibility of an unmanned airspace for BVLOS drones, by providing 3D coverage and a network exposure function, unlocks new potentials for enterprises

Naviair is designated by the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority as the Danish Air Navigation Service Provider. Our core competence is air navigation service. Naviair also provides Aeronautical Information Management and the Common Information Service (CIS) function of the UTM system as part of the State`s delegation. GENIUS enables Naviair to mature/profile its solution as a U-space service provider role thereby establishing a new source of income for the company.

MECK is a consultancy with focus on UAS regulation, UAS operational procedures and development of systems such as U-space which supports UAS operations. Participation in the project will strengthen our position within the development of UAS systems (U-space) and associated regulation. GENIUS will provide our company with insight to state of the art 5G technology which is expected to become a key component in future UAS operations. We will be able to exploit this knowledge on the international consultant services market.

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DTU has a strong focus on all aspects of communication systems from the physical layer to the application layer. In particular DTU has a lot of experience with computer simulation of communication systems to evaluate e.g., QoS, reliability, coverage and capacity. The GENIUS project is a perfect match for the work done on future mobile communication systems, especially the ongoing research on wireless propagation modeling. This can be directly extended to GENIUS and contribute to a 3D mobile coverage model.

SDU UAS Center coordinates the GENIUS project and provides expertise in drone research and development, operates the Danish national UAS test center at HCA Airport, and has a research based collaboration with the Danish Civil Aviation Authority. SDU considers drone technology and drone operation infrastructure as strategic research areas. GENIUS has significant synergy with prior and current IFD projects as well as the projects U-space Fyn and UAS-Ability and adds novel expertise in utilizing 5G in drone applications​.

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HHLA Sky is a leading provider of UAS and UTM technology with a focus on enabling highly automated operations of drones. In GENIUS, HHLA Sky will provide its UTM technology and act as a U-space service provider. This will enable efficient UAS operations that safely coexist with crewed aviation. To this end, HHLA Sky’s UTM technology will be integrated with essential components such as mapping services, remote identification, aircraft surveillance and ground control stations. In addition, HHLA Sky will explore the integration of 5G-enabled services such as mobile coverage and network slicing into its UTM technology.

AirPlate is a spin-out startup from GENIUS and is developing a cost-effective standalone drone tracking device utilizing 5G for drones to comply with remote identification in U-Spaces. The device is a simple add-on solution to be mounted on drones which will enable drones to be electronically identified and tracked In GENIUS, AirPlate will work closely together with HHLA Sky to integrate remote identification with the U-Space service provider to ensure a safe airspace.

Science Ventures Denmark A/S is a key player in commercializing IPR and findings from university research. We develop spin-outs around university research. We recruit management teams and attract capital and support business development. University start-ups from our portfolio have attracted more than 400M€ and created more 1000 high tech jobs.

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The Danish Environmental Protection Agency South branch (MST-SYD) supports the work in the GENIUS project. Current use of drones at MST-SYD is limited by i.a. formal LOS-restrictions, datatransmission issues, on-board processing – as well as sensor restrictions, and we see a significant potential for solving important parts of those restrictions by applying GENIUS technologies for automating selected parts of the NOVANA data collection. MST-SYD supports the research activities as planned in this project, for example when performing field experiments in areas relevant to NOVANA.